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6 Apps for Easier Travel on The Rapid

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Calling all smartphone users! Staying connected to your bus is even easier with the help of a variety of apps that are now readily available to Rapid riders.

Early last summer we received verification of our General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). This means that Google can now access our transportation schedules associated with GPS information. In other words, you can now choose public transportation as an option when planning travel in Google Maps. With Google verification also came the ability for third-party public transit apps to access our data. We now have six apps that utilize our bus data.

These apps include everything from tracking your bus in real time, planning a trip and receiving alerts. Get to know them:

1. Google Maps

Many consider this app to be a staple when it comes to planning car travel, but it’s also a great tool for planning your trip travel. In fact, RapidConnect’s trip planner is powered by Google Maps. Next time you’re planning on getting on board, just type in your current location and destination, choose the transit icon and find out the fastest and easiest route for you to ride with us. Many of our riders even say that Google Maps is their favorite third-party Rapid based on its simplicity.

2. Mystop

This iOS (soon-to-be Android app) offers the same real-time information as The Rapid Connect System Map. Use myStop to track your bus, find stops nearby, plan a trip, and even set alerts to notify you when your bus is on the way.  MyStop is a great app for those that already have RapidConnect accounts to receive public service messages and route alerts.

3. Transit

Looking for a sleek and useful app? Transit provides you with departure times, bus tracking, trip planning, reminders, and even offers integration with Uber. Many users like this app due to the bold design, as well as the ability to use it in other major cities around the world. Download this app to use on your iOS or Android device. Transit App Screen

4. Moovit

The Moovit app is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Like Transit, this transportation app is available around the globe in major cities. Utilizing The Rapid’s GTFS feed, you can find routes and stops nearby, plan your trip (and save your address locations), save favorite routes, and even view previous trips. When you’re on board, use Moovit to receive ETA and notifications of when to exit the bus. In communities where Moovit use is high, there’s the chance to inform other passengers about delays, crowds and other incidents.

5. RideScout

Do you use several modes to get where you need to go? Ridescout may be the app for you. Available for iOS and Android, Ridescout shows you real-time information for a variety of transportation options to help to make your travel decisions easier. By using this app, you can receive transit, bike, car, taxi and walking directions. You can even compare rides by cost and activate alerts to arrive on time.

6. Transit ~ Directions with Public Transportation

This app caters to those who like to keep things simple. If you’re looking to simply access transit directions with no fuss, check out Transit ~. Utilizing a basic Google Maps view, you can plan your trip with step-by-step directions, view your location, and set reminders. The best feature of this app is it’s compatibility with voiceover for individuals with visual impairments.

Explore these apps and find your new favorite travel assistant!

Do you use a third-party app to make travel easier on the bus?

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