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The Rapid & The American Seating Company

If you have boarded the Silver Line, it’s hard to miss the one-of-a-kind seats within the bus rapid transit (BRT) buses. Did you know that these comfortable seats are made right here in Grand Rapids by The American Seating Company?

In fact, all Rapid buses feature seats from American Seating. But with the creation of the Silver Line seats we were offered a special behind-the-scenes look into the entire manufacturing process. Now that the Silver Line has been in motion for more than a month, we’re excited to share this behind-the-scenes at what went into making Michigan’s first BRT. As the transportation authority for the Greater Grand Rapids area, we’re proud to support our local economy by working with American Seating. Here’s a glimpse at how the Silver Line seats were built:

Facts about American Seating:

– American Seating employs a Grand Rapids-based workforce of over 400.
– American Seating purchases 75 percent of its raw materials from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
– Ninety-five person of its products are made from domestic content.
– 100 percent of American Seating products are manufactured in the U.S.
– Almost all raw materials used by American Seating are from the U.S.
– More than 75 percent of the nation’s city-service bus seats are made by American Seating.
– Major cities with American Seating bus seats include Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Miama, St. Louis, San Francisco and, of course, The Rapid in Grand Rapids.
– Every 100 sets of bus seats equals 4-6 full-time employees.

Have you had a chance to test out the seats on the Silver Line?

Written by The Rapid

The Rapid (Interurban Transit Partnership) is the authority that provides a variety of public transportation services for the Grand Rapids metro area and beyond. It is organized and operates under Michigan Public Act 196 of 1986.