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American Seating Directly Benefits from Healthy Public Transportation Industry – Ed Clark

American Seating is unique in its ability to discuss the benefits of good public transportation. On one hand, few companies are as dependent on the success of public transportation as American Seating. An industry leader in seating for public transportation, the demand for their products directly maintains manufacturing jobs in our area. In fact, over… Read more »

Understanding the Personal Value of Public Transportation – Rodney Martin

As a successful banking attorney and diversity partner for Warner, Norcross & Judd; Rodney Martin doesn’t have to rely on public transportation. Rather, he has chosen public transportation as a tool he uses periodically. And he’s not a lone. Numerous other individuals in the firm’s 300-person Grand Rapids workforce use The Rapid on any given… Read more »

Positive About West Michigan’s Growth – Pete Brand

As founder of Mindscape at Hanon McKendry, Pete Brand expresses a deep appreciation for the growth of small entrepreneurial business and the growth of West Michigan. From his perspective, despite more recent changes, greater Grand Rapids will continue to grow and bring investment to the area. New forms of commerce will be created. Along with… Read more »

Committed To Improving Accessibility – Rae Bower

In spite of physical limitations, Rae Bower considers herself to be an independent person. Four years ago she moved to Grand Rapids and immediately tested her ability to maintain her independence when she needed to venture out to a dentist. Typical to February, it was snowing. Her effort to manage the trek required her to… Read more »

Public Transportation Is For Everyone – Casey Dutmer

While Casey Dutmer has lived without sight since birth, his perspective on public transportation has never been about disabled community alone. In his opinion, it’s for everyone. “Good public transportation means good economic growth and development.” Casey has studied transportation systems all around the country. The consistency between all of them is a concentration of… Read more »