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Switching Up Your Winter Commute

Winter isn’t over yet. On Monday, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow portending six more weeks of winter. But that’s not all bad news. In fact, we think it’s a great opportunity to switch up your commute in the face of more winter weather conditions heading our way.

Rapid bus stop in the winter.For those who choose to commute mostly by car, have you considered changing the way you travel at least once a week? Riding the bus, walking, and biking are great ways to add some variety to your daily travel routine.

Here are five reasons to consider adding bus travel to your weekly commute this winter:

1. Let someone do the driving for you. Driving can be exhausting, especially in bad weather. Minimize the stress of driving on snowy, icy roads and let our bus operators handle your commute. Sit back, relax, read a book, get some work done, and even enjoy the free Wi-Fi if you’re riding the Silver Line. Many riders have found that when they’re not battling traffic they enjoy their day more and even see more things in the community they may have missed in their car.

2. Riding the bus could save you time. For those of you lacking a garage, winter means adding time to your mornings to ensure your car is free of snow and ice. If you know snow is in the forecast, consider saving time by riding the bus and save the hassle of clearing off your car for later in the day. Who knows what you can do with your extra time savings!

3. You’re safer in a bus than in a car. Unless you ride a snowmobile to work, poor road conditions make commuting in the winter a challenge for everyone. But even in optimal road conditions, you’re 60 times safer riding in a bus instead of a car. Avoid icy roads and bad drivers by getting on board.

4. You’ll increase your activity level. Public transportation can offer you more than just money and time savings. In fact, it can even add some exercise to your daily commute. Since you will be walking to and from your bus stop, as well as your destination, you’ll have a chance to get in more steps than you would while driving.

5. Riding the bus is easy. We have several digital tools to make riding the bus even smoother than before. You can track your bus in real time, find stops nearest to you via GPS location, plan your trip, and much more. Our drivers are also friendly resources for any of your questions.

If you factor in destination and timing, taking the bus can be a great option for those who typically commute by car.

Do you ride the bus for your winter commute?

Written by The Rapid

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