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Talking Transit with The Rapid’s CEO Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson of The Rapid

Recently, Corp! Magazine, spoke with The Rapid’s CEO Andrew Johnson and the regarding mobility in Michigan. Take a journey inside the Grand Rapids area transit authority to find out what Johnson is working on in his new role. Here’s what he shared: Corp!: Looking back on 2018 what success story stands out? Andrew Johnson: I started in August,… Read more »

Finding Santavious his Forever Family


This week, we had a special guest with us at The Rapid. As a part of FOX 17’s Forever Home series, we had the opportunity to meet a boy with a two big dreams. His name is Santavious and he’s 11-years-old. He has been waiting two years to be adopted and find his forever family…. Read more »

Driverless Vehicles and the Future of Public Transportation

Driverless bus

How close is West Michigan to making driverless vehicles a reality?  Recently, The Rapid’s CEO Peter Varga, as well as other community leaders, were asked about the probability of driverless vehicles becoming commonplace in West Michigan. Peter Varga’s imagines for a world with less downtown traffic, parking congestion and more access to bus service for… Read more »

Peter Varga: Stand With Me For Transportation

Today on Stand Up for Transportation day,  The Rapid is joining with local partners, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), and transportation systems, businesses, and supporters across the country to call attention to the importance of infrastructure investment and the need for a long-term surface transportation authorization bill.  MAP-21, which is the federal surface transportation… Read more »

Why Millennials Are Shifting Commuter Trends

America’s future may be riding on public transportation, but the true keepers of public transit’s destiny are millennials. While they’re often stereotyped in daily news headlines, this tech-savvy civic-minded generation knows how to get around. In fact, nearly 70 percent of millennials use multiple modes of transportation to get around the city or suburbs, with… Read more »

Watching Public Transportation Grow In Grand Rapids

This December marks my 20th year at The Rapid. During my time here, we’ve seen a lot of changes. To name a few, there have been new routes and better frequencies to the planning and implementation of Michigan’s very first bus rapid transit line. And more service has brought more riders. In fact, I’m proud… Read more »