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There’s More to the Ride: Brad’s Story

Brad at the Grand Rapids Ballet

“The Rapid means freedom, independence, self-possession. It gives me the ability to get out in the community, meet other people, be involved and to do the things that I enjoy doing.” We recognize people know The Rapid as Grand Rapids public transportation system. But there’s more to The Rapid than buses on the street or… Read more »

Rider Insight: Places to Go on Route 7 on Sunday

Route 7

The following is written by Mike Ewer, a Grand Rapids citizen and Rapid rider.  While many people work Sundays to provide us with the services we have come to expect (including Rapid Bus Operators and support staff), there are also a number of reasons to enjoy free time on this day. Now you can enjoy… Read more »

14 Favorite Summer Destinations of Rapid Riders

Nothing quite beats summer in Michigan. Now that the warm weather is here to stay (for now), enjoy it by exploring all that the Greater Grand Rapids area has to offer. We reached out to our passengers via The Rapid Facebook page to find out where their favorite place to ride The Rapid was during… Read more »