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Real Rider Stories – Luisa Shumacher

Public transportation connects people to their community. It gets Luisa Shumacher to work, business meetings, community events, and the store. And with ongoing improvements, many routes operate more frequently and later at night. “It really is important to me to feel connected to what’s happening in Grand Rapids. The Rapid helps me do that.” Excerpts… Read more »

Real Rider Stories – Sean Dailey

When his car died, Sean decided to see how long he could go riding The Rapid. That was four years ago. He’s still riding because it’s affordable, effective and doing something good for the environment too. He takes the bus to work, to the mall, and out to the movie theater. “I could be spending… Read more »

Real Rider Stories – Lisa Walkendorf

Lisa Walkendorf has used The Rapid for years so taking her daughter downtown was a natural next step. It’s easy, affordable and eliminates the hassles of finding parking. They use The Rapid to take classes, go ice skating, and even attend Zumba classes. It makes it easy to take Laura’s friends too. “We get dropped… Read more »

Real Rider Stories – Bill DeVries

Retirement is not a reason for Bill DeVries to slow down. He relies on a combination of his bike and The Rapid to participate in local events, volunteer, explore his surroundings – even visit his granddaughters. Bill loves to ride because it’s affordable, green and allows him to live an active life. “It gives you… Read more »

Real Rider Stories – Stan Greene

Stan Greene has made intentional adjustments in his life to ‘live more gently’ on our planet. With that in mind, he starts and ends his day riding The Rapid as a reliable resource for getting around town. But he also gets the benefit of connecting to the people and the places that are a part… Read more »

Real Rider Stories – Emily Martin

For 10 years, Emily Martin has relied on The Rapid as a transportation option for work, school and entertainment. It helps her reduce the cost – and the hassle – of car ownership. More importantly, she loves its role in building a better community. It gives everyone the freedom to go the places they need… Read more »