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DASH and Silver Line enhance routes to better serve customers

DASH - FINAL Reconfiguration - Jun 2016

This fall, parking and getting around Downtown is going to be easier than ever. Thanks to major modifications to the City’s DASH and Silver Line bus services, Downtown workers and visitors will experience Grand Rapids like never before.

City of Grand Rapids, Mobile GR & Parking Department, The Rapid and DGRI are teaming to create a “Park Once” district in Downtown. Beginning Sept. 1, the expanded mobility options and increased DASH service hours will allow drivers to park once and travel throughout Downtown via FREE public transportation.

“With all of the exciting districts and entertainment options flourishing in Downtown, the new redesigned DASH circulator is no longer ‘just a shuttle service,” said Joshua Naramore, mobile GR & parking manager. “Everyone is welcome to park once, jump on board and ride to their favorite destinations whether they be a museum, park, restaurant or brewery.”

According to Naramore, the current four DASH routes (Hill, North, South and West) will be consolidated into two routes (DASH West and North) to offer more hours of service and frequency. As a service enhancement, DASH hours will soon operate from 6:30 am – 10 pm during the week. Also, the frequency of service will increase, with stops every 7 to 8-minutes, all day long.

Naramore thanked DASH riders for their continued support and said that the City will continue to explore new options, programming and benefits.

DASH circulator program Q&A

What is the cost of a monthly parking card in a DASH lot and how do I obtain a card? Also, what is the cost of a Silver Line or Rapid bus pass?
The rate of a parking card is as follows:
–  DASH West ~ Area 7- $48, Area 8 – $48, Area 9 – $48
–  DASH North ~ Ionia Mason – $48, Monroe North – $58, Ionia North – $58
–   Silver Line or Rapid Bus Pass ~ 31-Day Pass – $47, 7-Day Pass – $16 (Best value with unlimited and consecutive rides.)
To get a parking card, please call Mobile GR & Parking Department at 616-456-3290.
For a Rapid or Silver Line bus pass, please go to

How will the new DASH circulator service improve my experience?
–  The current four DASH routes (Hill, South, West and North) will be consolidated into two routes (DASH West and North) to offer more hours of service and frequency.
–  Elements of DASH Hill and South will be consolidated into the new DASH West route. DASH North will only have minor changes.
–  Service hours will be increased to operate from 6:30 am – 10 pm during the week, with frequency of 7-to-8 minute service all day long.

What are the expanded transit options and accessibility to parking facilities?
–  The goal is to expand transportation choices to achieve a mode split of 90/10 between motor vehicles and mobility options.
–  City staff has worked with DGRI and The Rapid to offer a pilot project to make Silver Line bus service from north of Wealthy and throughout Downtown free all day long.
–  The City’s Mobile GR and Parking Services Department will be funding the pilot project to extend mobility options and the accessibility of remote parking facilities for parking customers.
–  More parking supply will be made available through access to DASH North. Customers and riders with questions about the new services can call 616-456-3290.

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