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8 Farmers Markets We Can Get You To

Outdoor farmers markets are a destination we should never take for granted. And for many people, they’re a quintessential part of the summer agenda. Fortunately, here in the Grand Rapids area we have a number of fantastic farmers markets within walking distance from several bus routes.Overview-1024x584

So load up your tote bags, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, and get ready for a healthy and green shopping experience. For directions, check out our Trip Planner or you can plan your trip via Google Maps. Another noteworthy aspect of the markets on this list is that they all accept Bridge Cards this year. Don’t miss the chance to stop by these great markets this summer:

1. Aquinas College Farm Market

Located off of Route 6.

2. David D. Hunting YMCA Farmers Market

Located off of Route 50.

3. Fulton Street Farmers Market

Located off of Route 14 and Route 19.

4. Grandville Farmers Market

Located off of Route 8.

5. Grand Rapids Downtown Market

Since the Downtown Market is located within walking distance from Central Station, all routes but 44, 28, and 24 are accessible to this location.

6. GVSU Farmers Market

Located off of Route 50.

7. Metro Health Farm Market

Located off of Route 16.

8. Southeast Area Farmers’ Market

Located off of Route 1 and Route 2.

What is your favorite farmers market on this list?

Written by The Rapid

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