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Finding Santavious his Forever Family


This week, we had a special guest with us at The Rapid. As a part of FOX 17’s Forever Home series, we had the opportunity to meet a boy with a two big dreams. His name is Santavious and he’s 11-years-old. He has been waiting two years to be adopted and find his forever family.15419713_10210882280924263_3446912052994217811_o

Santavious dreams of not only finding an adoptive family but also of becoming a bus operator.

“I didn’t know until the age of eight and I was like, ‘I want to be a bus driver,’ and I just was so excited that I wanted to have my dreams be met,” said Santavious.

We set up a tour of Rapid Operations Center to give Santavious a detailed look into his future career as a bus operator. Our Fleet Maintenance Manager Jeff Azzoli had the honor of leading the tour which started in the bus operator’s lounge. Right away, Santavious had great questions and was very smart, eager and inquisitive. We then gave him a look inside dispatch where he learned more about how we dispatch and monitor buses, as well as all of the technology used to expedite the process.

Azzoli eventually led us into the maintenance bay where we had a bus waiting for Santavious with his name on the front. He had the chance to sit in the driver’s seat and asked many questions about the bus itself. We then had a technician take the bus through the bus washer– a treat for everyone involved.

After the bus wash, we visited The Rapid’s paint room to see where all the custom painting happens. Santavious also got to take a look inside a bus undergoing engine repair. He asked great questions, especially in regard to bus fueling.

My favorite moment with Santavious, was when he wanted to learn more about the special license and training required for bus operators. I showed him my license, which has a commercial and passenger endorsement.

Meeting Santavious was a pleasure. All staff involved did their part to ensure he received a thorough look behind the scenes. I know he will achieve his dream of becoming a bus operator and I hope his forever family finds him soon.

– Peter Varga
CEO of The Rapid

If you would like to learn more about Santavious or adoption through foster care, please call his adoption agency Orchards Children’s Services at 1-(855)-694-7301.

Written by Peter Varga

CEO of The Rapid and Chair of the American Public Transportation Association.