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Digital Signage Takes The Front Seat On Route 6

Printed advertisements and passenger information on buses may soon be a thing of the past. As we take another step forward in our commitment to our focus in technology, we’re excited to partner with Hadley for an exclusive pilot program to test drive the latest passenger information and advertising technology.

Hadley is bringing dynamic information and advertising to transit passengers by integrating digital signage into the panels of Hadley’s XD interior system already present on bus #1082. Here at The Rapid, we’re looking forward to acting as a test market in introducing the benefits of digital signage to passengers.Hadley Digital Signage

“The Rapid is pleased to have Hadley as a technology partner to bring real-time information to our passengers”, said Jennifer Kalczuk, external relations manager of The Rapid.

Digital signage utilizes monitors that are installed inside transit vehicles to provide customized information that is geolocalized, which means it is relevant to the location of the vehicle at the time it is displayed. There are a number of benefits to digital signage. It enhances convenience by sharing rider information, weather updates, traffic conditions, as well as promotions for dining, entertainment, and shopping options at the next stop along the route.

The new digital signage integrates directly with the  Hadley XD interior system that has previously been installed at bus #1082. Many Rapid riders have noticed the distinct differences of the interior system on this bus already. Some passengers have noted it’s airplane-like qualities. We believe the additional signage will only help to increase the unique rider experience.

You may be wondering what’s going on behind the scenes to make this digital signage function effectively. Hadley’s digital signage uses a cutting edge software platform that allows The Rapid and advertising partners to publish and plan content and advertising in a very effective time saving manner. While the technology triggering localized information known as GeoFence Scheduling triggers signal that allows for location based route information.

The Hadley digital signage is currently installed on bus #1082 and being piloted on Route 6. This route carries passengers through downtown, crossing several vibrant communities with a variety of local businesses.

“As a Grand Rapids based company, Hadley is delighted to partner with The Rapid to bring the benefits of digital signage on transit buses to our community”, said Giorgio Verduzio, director of transit division for Hadley.

The pilot program began last week and continues through March 2015.

What are your thoughts on the digital signage?

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