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Love at First Bus Ride

Two people standing in front of a parked bus.

The season of love is upon us. What better way to celebrate than showcasing a couple who met while riding The Rapid.

Hitting it off with someone you meet while riding the bus isn’t uncommon. In fact, connecting with new people is one of the benefits of using public transportation. But sometimes these meetings can end in more than friendship.

In 2011, Rachel Anderson, a professor in the Grand Valley State University English Department was going about her day as normal. She was planning to ride Route 50 from Allendale to downtown Grand Rapids. She headed to her bus stop with a colleague, only to be introduced to a new visiting assistant professor in the department, John Bruni. Anderon, Bruni and their colleague hopped on board and began a conversation. However, their colleague exited early on leaving Anderson and Bruni to continue their conversation for the duration of the route.

“The ride on Route 50 was long enough for us to realize that the other person was cool,” said Anderson. “When he asked me out on a date while getting off the bus, it was easy to say yes.”

And the rest is history! A year and a half later, Anderon and Bruni were engaged, and a year after that, they got married. Anderson and Bruni still teach at Grand Valley State University and ride The Rapid regularly.

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