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Say Hello To Three-Position Bike Racks

With warm, sunny weather finally arriving here in West Michigan, more people are choosing to hop on their bikes. For those who enjoy taking the bus and biking to get to work, accessing local bike trails, and much more, we have some great news: We’re beginning to transition our fixed-route buses from two-bike racks to three-position racks.

Coming this spring we will have three-position racks on 100 of our 150 fixed-route vehicles. Future Silver Line riders can also look forward to all 10 bus rapid transit vehicles being equipped with three-position racks. The new Sportworks Apex 3 three-position racks are just as simple to use as our two-position racks. Apex 3 Position Bike Racks

How To Use The Bike Racks

– Before loading your bike, be sure all loose items are secured or removed.
– When the bus stops, walk your bike to the front of the bus. Keep toward the curb-side of the street — stay out of the way of traffic.
– Lift the handle to release the rack and lower it into the down position. Listen for the click to make sure it locks in place.
– Place the front tire of your bike in the position marked appropriately and slip your rear tire into the back slot.
– Lift the spring-loaded arm over the front tire — your bike is now loaded.
– Removing your bike is easy since all bike positions are completely independent of each other, making it simple to unload with others already loaded in the rack.

For more information on bicycles and The Rapid, please visit our website.

How often do you use the bus and your bike to travel to a destination?

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