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Real Rider – Dan K. Uses His Travel Skills

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 “Give The Rapid a try! Riding the bus helped me learn how to travel independently, so now I can fly to Florida.”

Believe it or not, riding the bus here in Grand Rapids (yes, even just once in a blue moon) gives you the skills you need to travel globally. Whether it’s trying out a new public transportation system in another city like Chicago, traveling by airplane, or even riding the streetcars in Budapest, you’ll have the attitude of a pro. Sure, not all public transportation systems are identical, but learning the “ins and outs” of one makes you sharper when it comes to others. Don’t believe us? Let Dan. K win you over.

Dan K. has been riding The Rapid for nearly 20 years!

Meet Dan K.! He’s been a loyal Rapid rider for 20 years. We could all take notes from his years of public transportation experience. After participating successfully in our Travel Training program, Dan was able to independently ride the bus wherever his heart desired. Being public transportation-savvy even transferred over to flying. Dan’s traveled to Florida and Hawaii. Here’s what Dan had to say about riding The Rapid:

Why do you ride The Rapid?:
It takes me where I need to go — to work, the YMCA, and to visit family.

What do you like about riding The Rapid?:
Getting where I want to go without having to wait for someone to drive me. It’s great for spur-of-the-moment travel.

What do you like best about Grand Rapids?:
There’s always something to do here. I like the Whitecaps, seeing shows at Van Andel Arena, ArtPrize, and fireworks.

What’s your favorite thing to do while riding the bus?:
I use my cell phone when I’m traveling.

Do you have any advice to share with your fellow Rapid riders or your community?:
Give The Rapid a try! Riding the bus helped me learn how to travel independently, so now I can fly to Florida.

Do you think you’ve gained transferable travel skills thanks to riding The Rapid?

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