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Real Rider – Jon B. Rides To Save

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 “I save every month by riding instead of driving. Some months I have saved over $300 in gas money!”

Sure, leaving your car at home and riding public transit is a better choice for the planet and your own health. But who doesn’t love saving money? With the cost of a 31-Day Pass set at $40.00 for regular riders, it’s no comparison to current gas prices. And it gets even better for college students in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Most local colleges and universities offer free or discounted fares for student Rapid riders, which simplifies the cost of getting around on a college budget.

Meet Jon B.! This Grand Valley State University student and avid Rapid rider has a special passion for public transit travel. He’s taken full advantage of his ability to ride for free as a GVSU student. Here’s what Jon had to say about riding The Rapid:


Where do you live?
I live in Allendale, in an apartment at 48 West.

How long have you been riding The Rapid?
I have been riding The Rapid since I moved to Allendale to go to GVSU in the fall of 2012.

Why do you ride The Rapid?
I ride The Rapid as a free alternative to driving around the Grand Rapid area. Even though I have a car, it gets abysmal mileage, so riding the bus saves me a ton of money.

Which route/routes do you ride the most?
I ride route 37 most often, as it takes me from my apartment to GVSU’s Allendale campus. I also ride routes 8, 48 and 50 when I need to go to the mall, downtown, or a friend’s house.

What’s your favorite thing to do while riding The Rapid?
If it’s relatively late at night, I tend to chat with the drivers to give them a bit of company with a mostly empty bus. Outside of that, I do a lot of programming on my laptop while riding downtown.

What do you think is the best thing about living in the Greater Grand Rapids area?
I really do think The Rapid is one of the best things about Grand Rapids. The ability to get from my apartment to downtown to a movie or mall without spending a huge amount of money on gas is absolutely wonderful for a college student like myself.

What’s one thing you would say to convince others to try riding The Rapid?
I’m not sure I know anyone around here who doesn’t ride The Rapid, but if I find someone, I would show him or her how much money I save every month by riding instead of driving. Some months I have saved over $300 in gas money!

If you want to find out how much money you could save by riding The Rapid, check out this handy fuel savings calculator!

How much money would/has riding The Rapid saved you?

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