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Thank You, Veterans

Thank you, Veterans

Today we remember and honor the service of our veterans. We thank the brave men and women who selflessly served our country and risked their lives to protect our freedom. It’s an honor having you on our team at The Rapid, as well as on board our buses every day.


Here are The Rapid employees who have served our country:

Jim A.- Navy, 1983-1989
Henry B.- Army, 1980-2010
William M.- Army/National Guard, 1981-present
Steve C.- Army/National Guard, 1986-2008
Bob B.- Army, 1974-1994
Norm Y.- Army, 1975-1977
Donell H.- Air Force, 1981-1985
Jodie B.- Air Force, 1985-1987
Elza B.- Marine Corps, 1984-1988
Manny E.- Army, 1967-1970
Robert O.- Navy, 1983-1993
Abe R.- Army, 1979-1982
Doug P.- Air Force, 1975-1979
Noel P.- Army, 1984-2009
Dan S.- Navy, 1970-1973
Terry B.- Navy, 1992-1999

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