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5 Transit-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Nothing beats getting on board the bus with your sweetie. Forget the old “dinner and flowers” routine this February 14. Are you looking for a few ideas to set your Valentine’s Day apart from the rest? Grab your bus pass and your significant other for these wallet-friendly, public transit accessible date ideas: Heart-shaped transit map.

1. Who needs dinner when you can have brunch? Valentine’s Day dinner is a February 14th staple. We think it’s time to switch it up. Scrap the standard Valentine’s dinner plans and go out for breakfast, lunch, or better yet, brunch. Here are three brunch locations  for your consideration:

– The Westsider Cafe — Located on Walker Avenue and accessible via Routes 7 and 18.
– Anna’s House — Visit the East Beltline Avenue location by riding Routes 5, 6, 24, and 28.
– Terra — Brunch is from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can view their Valentine’s Day menu here. Get to this delicious eatery via Route 6.

2. Go see an early movie. Take this classic date idea to a new level by hitting the movie theater before everyone else. Here are a few transit-friendly movie locations to help make your Valentine’s Day a cinematic event:

– AMC Star Grand Rapids 18 — Ride Route 9 this theater.
Celebration! Cinema at Woodland Mall — You can get to this location via Routes 5, 6, 17, 24, 28, and 44. You can even do some shopping while you’re in the area.
UICA — Catch an indie film with your special someone. Get to this theater via 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, and 14.

3. Enjoy a day at the museum. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to explore the a a museum with your significant other. You may even want to bring your children along for the ride. This Valentine’s Day the Grand Rapids Public Museum is hosting a Fashion & Tea event. There are also many other museums downtown. You can plan your trip via Rapid Connect.

4. Fall in love with volunteering. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so why not consider branching out from romance into charity and friendship? Whether you regularly volunteer at an organization or are just considering the idea, there’s many ways to give back on February 14. A quick online search can pull a number of reputable volunteer opportunities in the Grand Rapids area. Just be sure to check use the Rapid Connect Trip Planner to ensure that the destination and timing of your volunteer opportunity works for bus travel.

5. Explore Grand Rapids’ beer offerings. Since you won’t be driving, consider checking out local breweries with your love. You’ll be able to try different beers, enjoy a variety of food, and still travel the city safely. Plan your own Valentine’s Day beer tour by looking at the breweries throughout the city and checking out the Rapid system map. Plan your trip in advance to ensure that routes are running and you can plan out your arrival and departure times. May we suggest starting at Founders, just across the street from Rapid Central Station?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show a little love. Simply riding the bus with a special someone to a favorite destination can even be a great way to spend the day.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Written by The Rapid

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