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The Wave Q&A Series: Can multiple people use the same card?

Can you share a Wave card?

Can multiple people use the same Wave card?

Many riders choose to share 10-Ride tickets with their friends and family members.  However, with The Wave, each person tapping to board the bus will need their own card.

Since Wave cards track ridership to give you the best deal for how much you ride, it isn’t possible for one person to share a card with a family member or friend. But don’t worry; The Wave will make riding The Rapid faster and easier for families and people who are currently sharing their tickets.

Manage Multiple Cards Under One Account

Whether you have children who ride The Rapid or just your partner, one of the best benefits of The Wave is the ability to set up one account and manage several Wave cards. You will just need to sign up for a Wave account.  Then you can quickly register your card and set up a funding source.  You can continue to add cards that you can manage under one payment method or several. This will make managing each fare card a breeze.

Get The Best Deal

When you ride The Rapid using your Wave card, you automatically earn the savings of 1-Day, 7-Day, and 31-Day passes, but without the commitment or the upfront cost. You pay your way one trip at a time, and you’ll never pay for a trip you don’t take. The Wave will give you the best deal on your fare based on how much you ride. It’s a ‘pay-as-you-go’ pass: Earn a 1-Day pass after riding twice in one day (spending $3.50), or a 31-Day pass after spending $47 in a 31-day period.

Set Up Auto-Load

For frequent riders and easier card management, auto-load can be set to reload funds to your card when your balance is low. You can set your amounts and never worry about fares again. This feature is especially helpful for managing other cards that you aren’t personally using.

Track Rider History

Another benefit that may be useful to those managing multiple cards is the ability to track rider history. See what bus you’ve boarded and when to stay on top of your fare caps and track travel.

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