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The Wave Q&A Series: What will Happen to Tickets and Passes?

What will happen to tickets and passes?

Electronic fare payment will be arriving soon. So what does that mean for The Rapid’s current tickets and passes?

What will happen to tickets and passes?

Don’t fret. Tickets and passes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When we roll out The Wave this spring, there will be no immediate changes to current ticket sales. You will still be able to purchase all ticket types in the same way you currently are now. The Wave will just be another fare payment option available to you!

It’s our hope that when The Wave is fully launched and available to purchase, you will give it a try and enjoy the benefits enough to make it your main fare payment for riding The Rapid!

The Future of Tickets & Passes

It’s our goal to eventually discontinue the sale of paper tickets and passes. We don’t have a set timeline for this but we would not take place until we have fully transitioned the majority of The Rapid’s riders to The Wave e-fare system. And even after the discontinuation of ticket sales, we would still continue to accept tickets onboard buses for a significant period of time.

GO!Bus and PASS tickets will not be impacted by The Wave at this time.


As for paper transfers, these will eventually disappear for those who are not utilizing The Wave. When we move away from tickets and passes, cash fare users will not have access to paper tranfers anymore and will be required to pay a single-ride fare each time they board the bus.

Wave Cardholders will have access to a paperless transfer timeframe of 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes). This means that with one tap of The Wave card, you will have 105 minutes of time to ride wherever you’d like, with unlimited transfers—yes, even on the same route.

As a reminder, some of the benefits of The Wave include balance protection in case you lose your card, auto-load so you’re never stuck without a fare and paying your way one trip at a time.

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